The Food Fundamentals.

If you are concerned that a healthy lifestyle and a baking habit don’t go hand in hand ,think again.You can still enjoy your bakes guilt free with Healthy Bakes. For most people healthy food equals to bland ,tasteless food with no or less variety.The word ‘dessert’ is associated with butter,sugar, and extra empty calories that get added to the day’s total.

But this is a very wrong notion ,the perception of which has to be changed.

You know how a lot of healthy recipes taste healthy? Just kind of… bla? No, nobody likes that. At all.The aim is to create simple, healthier recipes that – most importantly don’t compromise on the taste and taste just as yummy as the original not-so-healthy versions! No cardboard-y or grain-y taste here.

Healthier baking doesn’t have to taste, or look, terrible.

With some careful recipe planning , you can have your cake and eat it too. Which is exactly what is done in the Healthy Bakes Bakery.Sharing a few of the secrets here.

1.Trying out different flours and flavourings.

Creating your own bakes gives you flexibility in terms of the type of flours you use. Wholegrain flour is a healthier choice than white,but it doesn’t have to be just wheat-you could try barley,oats,sorghum either on their own or mixed.Add some healthy toppings like seeds or herbs to give an interesting and unique crunch and flavour.

2.Bake with unsaturated fat.

Cakes should really be an ‘every now and then’ food.With a few tweaks to the ingredients and toppings

the unhealthier versions can be transformed to healthy .Using an unsaturated spread instead of butter has more benefits than simply reducing the amount of saturated fat,it actually gives a lighter texture,especially if you are making an all-in-one sponge cake.You can just swap spreads for butter in most recipes without making any other changes.Just make sure the spread you use is suitable for baking.

Oil is another good alternative, especially for some moister cake recipes like carrot cake.


Not all pastry is high in fat.The filo pastry in the menu used for the spiced butternut squash tart recipe has just 3.1g of fat per 100g and is low in saturated fat.It does have a different texture from shortcrust or flaky pastry and you need to use it differently, but it gives a lovely, crunchy crust and looks impressive in small tarts with savoury or sweet fillings.


Bread is probably the bakery product we eat the most.Using whole grain flour instead of white flour will help to increase the fibre content and make your bakes more satisfying to eat.Also using less salt than the commercial bakeries will increase the health quotient.

.Healthy Bakes makes it possible to eat healthy and stay sane without compromising on the taste.Healthy Bakes is a sinless love affair between decadent desserts and healthy eats.

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