If like many of us, you feel somewhat bewildered by the nuances of what is Virtual Reality (VR) compared to Augmented Reality (AR) versus Mixed Reality (MR) or even Extended Reality (XR), then this comparison is just what you need.

Choosing our Reality

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Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is perhaps the most familiar to many of us particularly if you’re an avid gamer who’s been transported to the many fantasy worlds of your favourite game. It does not exist in the real world and is a complete universe unto itself. Experiencing VR is through a headset where you are transported into this imaginary world. You interact with this imaginary world through an avatar which is a representation of yourself.

Virtual Reality

Augemented Reality (AR)

In AR, an object / character is overlaid in the real world. If you’re a Pokemon Go fan, this would be immediately familiar to you. The object / character does not exist in the real world and cannot interact with you or the real world environment. You experience the AR object / character through a mobile device such as a tablet or mobile handset.

Augmented Reality

Mixed Reality (MR)

That brings us to MR which is a combination of VR and AR made interactive in the real world. While VR exists in a world of its own and AR superimposes VR into the real world, both of these Realities do not interact with the real world i.e. they are not anchored in the real world and remain separate and distinct. MR changes all of that.

In MR, VR objects / characters are anchored in the real world and interact with real world objects / characters in real time through a process called occlusion. Occlusion causes VR objects / characters to be obscured by physical objects / characters of the real world and vice-versa and allows for interaction between the two. MR is experienced through a headset.

Mixed Reality

Extended Reality (XR)

So what then is XR? XR is the umbrella term used to describe all 3 types of “artificial” Reality so as to distinguish the in-person real world from the imaginary world.

Extended Reality

Fully-Immersive Mixed Reality (FIMR)

Now that we have a better understanding of the different types of Reality under XR, what then is FIMR?

If MR is version 1.0, then FIMR is version 2.0 i.e. an upgrade. FIMR is experienced not through a headset or mobile device but through a cutting-edge state-of-the-art interface to connect the user to a holographic universe that is indistinguishable from the real world. The combination of the imaginary and the real is interwoven seamlessly. The imaginary portion of the holographic universe is entirely customised and curated according to the user’s specification.

With the aid of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI), the user is able to fully interact with the holographic universe and engage all the senses – sight, sound, touch, smell and taste! The possibilities are limitless.

Fully-Immersive Mixed Reality

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